In response to COVID-19 NATAL is extending its services to cater to those who need our support including tips, tools and resources on how to cope with stress and anxiety.



Tips & Tools

Supporting your children in times of stress

Tips for dealing with periods of isolation

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Guide for professionals: Delivering bad news to families in the Corona crisis 

Coping with end-of-life and death in the Corona crisis - for families

Webinars for the international community



NATAL carries out live video webinars for mental health professionals and organizations, and diverse populations dealing with emotional and psychological stress due to COVID-19.

Webinars are led by NATAL’s mental health professionals who are experts in the field of emergency response, resilience building and trauma.

To date we provided live video webinars to:

  • Parents and educators, throughout Israel

  • TURN Center, Chicago, Illinois

  • INVICTIM, North America, Europe, and Australia 

  • Rabbinical Assembly, United States

  • SHIFT, Chicago, Illinois

  • SWIM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

  • US Based Shlichim (Ongoing), at the request of Jewish Agency of Israel